Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I did it!

After two years of putting my ultimate goal in life on hold, I can now happily and PROUDLY share that I was accepted into a Vet Tech program (an amazing one at that) and I start NEXT MONTH. This has been a goal of mine for several years but moving and having a child resulted in me postponing it so many times. 3 months ago I was also hired at a veterinary clinic so I get to continue to work there while learning everything and I will have the opportunity to apply it which I am so excited about. We have also recently purchased our new home on 5 acres of land in the country where I can get animals and make that dream a reality as well. Hubby loves his job, I love my job, I love where we live, I just love everything. Things are finally looking up which is wonderful. 
My classes next semester are a bit funky since I was accepted into the program so late. I have class every day, pretty much all day. I will only be able to work two evening shifts a week until December, but my work is willing to work with me so I'm happy about that. It's going to be rough and stressful but so worth it in the end. We may have to put Ripley back in daycare one or two days a week, which will suck but at least she will be back with kids her age again and she can make friends. She loves being around other kids so I doubt she will mind. This only issue with daycare will be the financial aspect but I can save as much as I can or take out a little more in student loans so help offset the cost. Another bad thing about daycare is all the germs, which means Ripley and I will probably be getting super sick again. I hate kid germs haha and I hate having a sick baby! She hasn't been sick once since her last stint in daycare. When she was in it, even though it was only one day a week, she got sick so much. 
Anyway, I know everything will work out and in two years I will have another degree under my belt. One I truly have a passion for, and I will be blessed to be able to say I work in an industry I really love.